I’m Miatta  (Pronounced: me-i-ta), a Liberian, living in the vibrant and ever-growing city of Atlanta, Georgia. I’m a Software Analyst and a professional go getter….read more and get to know me better.

A Project call Life:
From one release to the next, my professional life revolves around software projects (hints the inspiration behind the name). Working in a technical field, I almost never get to express my creative side. Which is why I started this blog as a creative outlet where I can showcase my personal style (mostly work wear), share my thoughts, ideas, and knowledge; and in the process I hope to inspire and be inspired.

More about me: I’m often describe as being quite. I call it doing more listening and less talking. I am Goal-oriented (except for when it comes to keeping my closet organize and eating healthy), career-driven, a foodie, trying to get abs (I don’t see it happening in this lifetime).

Things that brings me joy: Talking to my mom, being self-sufficient, scoring on a bargain, and helping others.

My idea of fun: Good conversation over a great meal, bargain hunting, sleeping (yes I enjoy sleeping), getting lost in a good book, driving around in rich neighborhoods looking at beautiful homes (a bit strange, I know), but it motivates me.