Fashion fades, Style remains the same.

Coco Chanel

My Personal Style Journey

Looking back, in my early twenties, style wasn’t something that I put any thought or energy into. I just went with the flow, wore what I thought “looked good and was trendy” at the time. My closet was full of random pieces that serves no purpose. My style philosophy in my early twenties was, “If it isn’t tight, it isn’t right”.

After college, entering the corporate world, I quickly realized I needed a closet overhaul. This was a struggle for me because I had a closet full of clothes that were too tight and not appropriate for the work environment. Finding something to wear was an overwhelming task.

Over the years I’ve started to pay more attention to my personal style and shopping habits. I shop a lot smarter (which is still a struggle) when it comes to buying what is trendy versus an essential. Now for the most part, I stick to buying pieces that, as I like to say “Trend-scend” (get it, transcend) from one season to the next without looking outdated, that is work appropriate but can be dressed down on weekends.